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Enquiry Title: Kenyan Baby Incubator

Enquirer: SimonDaniell

Status: Mailed-out

Skills: Health & Safety, EWB, Electronics, Electrical, Clinical, Instrumentation, Medical.

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My experience is as a retired doctor developing medical services in a Mission Hospital in Kimilili, Western Kenya in a subsistence farming community.
There are many poor rural parts of the world where there is a desperate need for a robust very simple neonatal incubator which can be made easily and maintained locally. Perinatal mortality is high and newborns get malaria, etc. Nights may be cold. There are many 'western' type incubators in my area of Africa but of those I have seen at least 60% are not working.

My concern is that this old design is brought up to date although it may be perfectly sound. I can't locate the specified Gallenkamp thermostat on the web but I am sure that with all these vivariums about these days there is something suitable out there. The thermostat is probably the only part we will need to source in the UK.

Attached File: Incubator - Design for a Simple Effective Baby Incubator.pdf
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