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Enquirer: wulayth

Status: Mailed-out

Skills: Agricultural, Building Services, Clinical, Construction, Electrical, Maintenance, Medical, Photovoltaic System Design, Project Management, Sanitation.

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Manjawor is town 138 miles from Freetown city. Majawor FARMERS Association is a group mixed with women and men, undertaking farming activities.

Recent times has brought series of waste of food to be sold which will help sustain our lives. During rains, it is inaccessible to vehicle except 4 Wheel Drives -4WD hilux.

The community has started a church, and a primary school which has 58 children. 7 villages attend to this school. Children coming to this school find it hard on their way to school. To go for medical treatment, it takes a distance work of 8 miles or 15 miles to city hospitals.

The community people who need to market their fine products, find it hard for the market, and business people find it hard to reach this community. The people are too hardworking and they must make use of their product for sustainable development.

To enable all this come to past, have profit in marketing their produce, a better road and a better haealth centre, this association - a community based is requesting support to construct a 3 miles and reconstruct a 4 miles road, construct a mobile health center/unit and have saniattion or hygiene activities on the ground for a better life. Any other related activities in this community is welcome.

The community people has consented to help with granites, sands and wooden boardas and sticks with unskilled labour force.

The organisation will be glad if you advice what to do.
Our regards
Grace Marian

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