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Enquirer: gvamsk

Status: Mailed-out

Skills: Agricultural, Building Services, Construction, Electrical, Energy, Environmental, Health & Safety, Maintenance, Photovoltaic System Design, Power, Renewable Energy, Sanitation, Transport, Water & Wastewater Process.

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The association for people based in Fadugu - Kasongo Chiefdom has a problem with the marketing system.
Every Saturday in a week, women marketers move from different communities and chiefdoms. Some use vans and carry trucks to take their goods to sell at this center in Fadugu town. Some walk on foot for over 3 - 15 miles to the center.
The center normally hosts marketers over 8,000 every Saturday.
There is proper toilet, water and housing. Many sleep in the street until the next day. other uses the stream near by for defecation.
The following are needed if possible:
1. A ECO-SANITARY TOILET to be used by over 3,000 people. The faeces from here can be used to fertilizer farms or gardens.
2. Water wells ( 3)
3. A bridge that cut off people from marketing during raining seasons.
4. A storing places for their goods when reached at the center for safety and where they will also sleep the very night.
The community is willing to work side by side.
Take care
Fatmata Jawara (Mrs)
Tonkoli district
Northern Province
Sierra Leone

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