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Enquiry Title: Footbridge Designs for Rural Kenya

Enquirer: NickKempson

Status: Mailed-out

Skills: Geotechnical, Environmental, Construction, Civil, Building Services, Highway Infrastructure, Material, Mechanical, Project Management, Structural, Water & Wastewater Process.

Volunteers: 3 Volunteered, 0 Requested.


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The Vibrant Village Foundation ( is a privately funded NGO based in Portland, Oregon (USA) that aims to support community development at a village level to empower communities to define their own development priorities and find their own solutions to local challenges.

Vibrant Village’s holistic model focuses on a tightly defined geographic region and supports community projects across a range of areas including agriculture, water, health, education and enterprise.

Programming is commencing in Esabalu, a small village in Vihiga County, Kenya.

Construction of 3 Footbridges within the village has been highlighted as a community priority and Vibrant would like to construct the bridge in early 2014.

Bridge 1 Specifications (photo attached):
Length: 8m
Depth: 3.5m
Material: timber, steel or concrete (depending on cost)
Possible Additional Features (TBC): Stone Pitching, Gabions.

Vibrant Village is requesting a volunteer from Engineer Aid to provide advice and support on bridge design, compiling a BoQ, and if possible a cost estimate to use as an indicator for the tendering process.

Kind Regards,
Nick - Country Representative

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