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Enquirer: yegesieic

Status: Mailed-out

Skills: Agricultural, Architecture, Automotive, Building Services, CAD(General), Civil, Computer, Construction, Digital,Analogue & Mechanical Design, Electrical, Electronics, Environmental, Health & Safety, Industrial, Manufacturing & Production, Maintenance, Material, Mechanical, Medical, Photovoltaic System Design, Power, Project Management, Project Management Logistics, Radio Frequency Design, Sanitation, Transport, Waste Management.

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The Institute - YEGESIE INT OPEN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, is a new institution without support from the government and external organizations. We keep our raised funds for operation work and services.
Several letters and proposals have been sent but no response. The student number is growing as this is the first institution in the Northern Province with Open Technology using Open Resource Materials.
Last year 0ver 300 students graduated with diplomas in IT, A+ Professional computer studies, Internet and computer core certificate, project management, etc and we have added courses such as Technical Diploma in Mechanical, Technology, welding technology, computer technology, electrical technology etc. More 800 students are accepted this year. The Open College has three departments: Senior Secondary school, Technical and Vocation Educational Training, and Open Technology-undertaking technology courses.
This institution has many constraints such as lack of structures for the three departments (as the cost for rentage is going higher every year), electrical supply and solar street lightings, Internet service (Students have to do research activities which cause them to go down to the city which is 115 miles from the campus), transportation of students to and from the college is too expensive (As a result many students do not finish their studies), institutional Radio FM Station service to reach thousands of learners online and on campus, a student mobile health unit (a nearby health unit is distant far) and a Track and Field event area for sporting activities.
This construction and facilities should be done on the purchase 25 acres of land owned by the College.
YIOTEC as the fastest growing and first open college for Computer and Technology industry need more experts to be involved. In 2008, Experts from Senior Expert Service - Bonn, Germany built the capacity of staff on ICT used today to empower the youths in the use of computer and the internet.
We need your advice and your support in this setting. Building the capacity of youths in Technology and computer can create self-employment and corporate lifestyles.
We look forward to your advice in building up this project. Any questions asked will be answered.
Thanks a lot to help the rural needing knowledge.

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