Newsletter: October, 2007


      EngineerAid Newsletter: October, 2007
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Christmas E-card Campaign: Send your pictures
This year we are launching a Christmas e-card campaign where companies can replace their traditional paper cards, reducing their environmental impact and supporting EngineerAid. If you think you have a picture that should be an e-card, send it in now - we’ll select 8 pictures for the campaign! Drawings and sketches by children are also welcome. Email your entries to If your organization would be interested in supporting the campaign, email

Bottle makes dirty water drinkable
The way fresh water is supplied to disaster-hit regions could be revolutionised after an Ipswich-based businessman invented a £190 bottle that makes foul-smelling water drinkable in seconds.

Fighting Poverty with Social Capital: Social Capital and Financial Inclusion Conference
The role of social capital in the fight against poverty will be examined at the international ‘Social Capital and Financial Inclusion’ conference in Edinburgh on 9 November. You can still book, and application for bursaries for Scottish residents is still open.

Talking Braille: A new tool to teach blind children
Learning Braille can be a formidable challenge in developing countries. Supriya Kumar profiles a new device that's addressing the task.

Home2Rome: Thanks to James Peckitt, Rupert Williams and Mark-Paul Buckingham
EngineerAid supporters participated in a fundraising rally across Europe raising over £550 – many thanks to James, Rupert and Mark-Paul!
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Volunteer Recruitment
With nearly two years behind us, EngineerAid are thankful to all volunteers who have generously donated their time and skills to achieve our aims and objectives. Recruiting more volunteers, we have been attending recruitment fairs and events including the Volunteer Recruitment Fair and the Careers Fairs in Edinburgh. Our thanks to team members - Paloma Flores Guzman, Maninder Kaur, Grzegorz Maziak, John Paul Mckeown and Elaine Stuart - who attended these events and raised awareness within the local community.

News from the Team: Volunteer of the Month, Li Jin, IT Developer
Congratulations to Li - our volunteer of the month for October. Li, as a part of the IT Team, has been working on the website and has helped set up new features that make site management more user-friendly.

Project Profile: Reddigudem, India
Reddigudem is a remote village located in Khammam, in Andhra Pradesh, South India - inhabited by 80 families. However, drought and intensive land use has resulted in land degradation and low agricultural yields. A local NGO got in touch with EngineerAid to figure out the best ways to catch rain water in existing water harvesting facilities and in newly created facilities.

EngineerAid Stalls, Edinburgh
Following the response we received from the events and fairs we attended, we will be organising stalls on 6 days in Edinburgh over the next three months. We will be setting a stall up on Princes Street either (near Fredrick Street or outside the Registry House), and hope to raise awareness about the issues being faced by communities in the developing world. If you are around, come to our stall and say hello to our volunteers who would be braving the Edinburgh weather from 11am to 6pm! See link for dates

Building plastic solar cells
Environmentally friendly solar panels may be an affordable alternative to conventional power sources within the next ten years, as a result of a new project.

Landslide victory: Bioengineering in Nepal
Nepal is using plants and modern engineering to combat the landslides that regularly plague the nation. Badri Paudyal reports.

Scientists create flood-resistant rice
Scientists in the Philippines have developed a variety of rice that can survive prolonged periods of submergence.

Support forum to encourage more women to study engineering and computing, Edinburgh
A new forum to support and encourage women and prepare for employment in the male dominated industries of engineering and computing is being launched at Napier University. More info at If you’d like to get involved, emails to Karen at

Current Project: Cassava chips production machine, Nigeria
Cassava chips production machine: There is a need to enhance the drying and chipping. A cassava chips production machine is being considered, and our partners in Nigeria want to manufacture the machine themselves. A manual to guide them on how to build the machine is needed.
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19th Oct 2007