Friendlier cabins

The Engineer

      Voller Energy Group, a developer of fuel cell systems, has been awarded a 146,561 grant from the UK government to develop an environmentally friendly cabin for the construction sector.

The cash was awarded by the UK Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform under the auspices of its Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Carbon Abatement Technologies Demonstration Programme (HFCCAT).

The cabin will be developed in collaboration with GenQuip, a UK supplier of welfare cabins, based in Wales. These cabins provide kitchen, toilet and hand washing facilities on-site.

Normally, welfare cabins use diesel generators, which produce high emissions, noise and vibration. But Voller will work with GenQuip to design and develop a cabin that is based on environmentally friendly and energy efficient principles. The new cabin should be more fuel efficient and have lower emissions, and, as a result, provide a more pleasant working environment.

The cabin will also have features such as movement sensor light switches, low energy light bulbs and improved insulation.

'We are delighted to have received this grant, and look forward to developing the new cabin under the HFCCAT programme. This will be an exciting project which will lead to much better working environments for construction site workers,' said Stephen Voller, chief executive of Voller Energy.

23rd Nov 2007