April Newsletter


EngineerAid newsletter
2nd April 2009

-Current Projects Summary
-Scrapyard Scramble 2009
-New Board Member
-Improvement Plans

Current Projects Summary

Project Success!
-- Solar Pump (
The Solar Pump project has been a great success! The enquirer from TWENDE Tanzania was more than satisfied with the help our engineers gave him, and is eager to use our services again in his future projects!

More Work Needed!
-- Assistance with technical specifications for Village Phone Salon prototype (
-- Fixing the water supply in Walungu, DR of Congo (
These two projects have had no responses at all. We need somebody to get the ball rolling by offering advice, or asking questions about the technical details of these projects!
-- Water and Sanitation Facilities in Nepal (
Still in progress; waiting for replies from the enquirer. Could also benefit from the opinions of other volunteer engineers.

-- Housing Construction in Sierra Leone (
Unfortunately this project ran out of funding and cannot benefit from our help, so we have put it on hold until the enquirer informs us that funding has resumed - but input from engineers was very much appreciated!

Scrapyard Scramble 2009

The Scrapyard Scramble fundraiser on Saturday 21st March was a great success, raising over £760 for EngineerAid!
A complete list of the winners, along with photos and fantastic video footage can be viewed online at

Thanks to Engineers Without Borders, the IChemE, Those Media Guys, and most of all to the teams and spectators who came along and made it the spectacular event it was!

New Board Member

EngineerAid is proud to announce that Tim Kent, a long-term member of EngineerAid's advisory network, has officially joined the Board.
Being involved in several start-up companies and the Sales Director of a small consumer electronics firm for six years, Tim brings a wealth of business, economics and marketing experience to the team.
He a graduate of the University Of Edinburgh, where he carried out research in international migration and aerospace trends, and developing automatic assessment for interactive web-based tutorials.

Improvement Plans
We've been listening to your feedback regarding EngineerAid's services and the site, and are proud to announce a few changes.

Firstly, we've separated out the colour schemes for the responses and whiteboards, and tried to clear up the wording of what each is for.
We've gone through all the automated e-mails that our system sends out and added “What to do next” instructions, as well as trying to make the text as clear as possible.

We're now working on having the system email you automatically whenever new responses are added to projects that you're working on. This should allow all the volunteers and the enquirer to respond to updates as soon as they happen, without having to periodically log into the site and check it manually.

We're aware that there haven't been any new projects online recently. We feel that this is partially because of a lack of knowledge about EngineerAid and the services it provides; but also perhaps a lack of understanding about what exactly Engineering is and what it can do for the international development sector.
Over the past few months we've been busy trying to make ourselves known in the third sector, and we are now working on a new strategy which will emphasize the importance of engineering itself!

Please give us your feedback on the improvements to

Thank you all for your support, and I hope we can continue to provide the great support we've been giving so far!

Graeme Towers

2nd Apr 2009