May Newsletter


EngineerAid Newsletter, 4th May 2009
-Current Projects Summary
-EngineerAid in the Press
-Improvement Plans

Current Projects Summary

Still in Progress

- Assistance with technical specifications for Village Phone Salon prototype (

- Fixing the water supply in Walungu, DR of Congo (

- Water and Sanitation Facilities in Nepal (

These projects have had some excellent responses, but have been moving slowly due to lack of responses from the project enquirers. We have been in contact, and hopefully they will pick up again soon.


We have been busy talking to charities such as Solar Aid and Feedback Madagascar among others, and the month of May should see the start of several new EngineerAid enquiries.

Again, thanks for all your work so far!

EngineerAid in the Press

The Scrapyard Scramble competition lead to EngineerAid articles in the Edinburgh Evening News ("Bog-standard event flushed with success", 25th March, p7) and the IChemE's 'TCE' magazine ("Chemeng inventors make a splash", May 2009, page 53)

EngineerAid is a member of the Scotland-Malawi Partnership group, who have been kind enough to give us a small feature on their website and an advertisement in the newsletter.
Hopefully this will raise awareness of our services among Scotland's other charities, and attract a few new projects for our keen volunteers to tackle!

Improvement Plans

We've finally added an auto-email system for our website. Whenever new responses are added to projects that you're working on, all the project's volunteers and enquirer will immediately receive an email summary.
You can disable these emails in your profile if it annoys you, but it should allow everyone to respond to updates as soon as they happen, without having to periodically log into the site and check it manually.

In order to increase the flow of projects, we've been busy promoting EngineerAid and gaining contacts. This is yielding results as our name gets known, and we have several new projects in the pipeline. If you know anyone or any organisations working in development who could use our services, please tell us about them, or give them our details to get in touch!

Our new board has made strategy plans for fundraising, and are hoping to get a big PR push out of a new competition event.
Of course, any sponsorship or ideas our supporters can contribute would be greatly appreciated - so please get in contact if you're willing to do a sponsored run for us, or have a great idea for a fundraiser!

Please send feedback on our work, our website, and any improvements you think we can make to

Thank you all for your support, and I hope we can continue to provide the great work we've been doing so far!

Graeme Towers

4th May 2009