What You Need To Know About A Charlotte Fire Restoration Company

What You Need To Know About A Charlotte Fire Restoration Company

A leading Charlotte fire restoration service serving the surrounding areas and Port Charlotte, have helped millions of home owners regain property after a fire, smoke, moisture, and soot damage during not only fires, but also accidental electrical power outages as well. They are experts in restoring the integrity of the structure and internal systems of a home or business and are able to do so in a cost effective manner while leaving the building owner’s home or business virtually intact and in good condition. If your home had any damage caused by fire, smoke or soot, your Charlotte Fire restoration service will take care of it professionally and thoroughly. They will carefully inspect your structure, exterior, and interior, to determine the extent of the damage and to determine what the best course of action is to resolve the problem. From there, they will work with you and your real estate attorney to design a plan of action that will restore your home or business to like-new.


Some Charlotte fire restoration services offer full restoration of homes and businesses, while others focus more on smoke damage restoration. Depending on the severity and location of the fire, your Charlotte Fire restoration services can work to completely restore the property, or they can offer you a more limited service and recommend you to go through a mold inspection and repair of the smoke damaged structure, while they take care of the rest. The professionals will also recommend that you hire an experienced Charlotte fire inspector to come out and inspect your premises and make a detailed report of the fire hazards that remained after the fire. This report will be essential when you next get a quote for your total project budget. Not only will this save you time shopping for quotes, it can also help you negotiate a better price because you already know what the damage is like.


After the inspection, your Charlotte fire restoration company will then provide you with a comprehensive cleaning and restoration package that will include drying, cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing. The cleanup will involve disinfecting areas where the smoke or fumes stayed, as well as the structural wood framing and sub-floors. Your Charlotte fire restoration company will probably also include a special fire restoration paint that can be used to cover damaged sections and protect other wood from staining. The paint will also help to prevent future spotting and warping of the wood, saving you more money in the long run. After your restoration, you should not have to worry about having to pay for the job again, as the damage is covered by insurance.

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